General terms and conditions 

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General terms and conditions

Hereinafter, the Lessor is Avonai Oy and the Lessee is the Lessee.

This device is intended for rental of backup power supplies for mobile phones, smart devices or similar devices suitable for it. The Lessee of the backup power supply is responsible for the suitability of the rechargeable device. The lessor accepts no liability for damage to the rechargeable device. Rental time and charges are listed separately on the device, which may vary by device.

If the backup power supply gives cause for comments, the Lessee must notify the Lessor without delay. Any rental credit will be calculated from the moment the Landlord receives the notification.


Disputes arising from the Lease Agreement shall be resolved in the lower court of the Landlord's domicile or, if the Lessor so wishes, in the lower court of the Lessee's domicile. The primary aim is to resolve disputes between the parties.