Modern charging solutions

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Avonai offers modern charging solutions for mobile devices. Consumers have the freedom of taking their mobile devices wherever they go, so our mission is to bring the power where it's needed.

For restaurants


You are not responsible for your customers mobile devices. Customer rents the powerbank and won't have to leave the mobile device with the staff.

Ease of use

No apps or QR codes! Customers only need a mobile phone or payment card with contactless payment.

Trouble free

Our technician installs the device in your restaurant and we maintenance the device with remote access.

For customers

No interruptions

After renting the powerbank, customers can continue using their mobile devices without interruptions. 


Consumers only pay for the time they keep the powerbank, no hidden fees or extra charges.

Purchase the charger

Consumers can purchase the powerbank simply by not returning it. Fee will be charged from chosen payment method. The device features Micro USB, USB C and Lightning adapters.

Our device

Modern charging solutions

Watch the video and see for yourself!

  • Use the touch screen and choose "rent"
  • Use your contactless payment option on the reader
  • Device will release a powerbank
  • Charge your device
  • Return the powerbank by inserting it into a free slot.


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